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Adult Visitation Laws

Imagine this, your father is very ill and in the hospital, your father’s doctor makes it seem like he isn’t going to last the week. Naturally most children and grandchildren want to say their last goodbyes and spend the last moments cherishing what little time with him that he has left. Now imagine your step mother/ guardian of your father says no. In 49 out of 50 states, NO MEANS NO! However, one state is leading the way: IOWA.

This started with the famous radio personality Casey Kasem, who was ill and his daughter Kerri Kasem wanted to see her father. A year after the children sought court action to see their father, Iowa law ensures that adult children can see their sick parents. [1]

If other states adopt the same or a very similar law, no one can keep you from your parents when they are ill. As sad at it may be, it happens all the time. Below are some links to get involved or for assistance if you are having a similar issue.

Read the law in it’s entirety:

To learn more about the Kasem Cares foundation and to help further legislation of bill across the entire United States:

If you are having similar issues, contact an Elder Law Attorney in your state:


-Written by Valerie Michel Buck


Guest Article: 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Home Care Provider


Choosing an expert in-home care provider service requires thoughtful consideration. There are several issues which need to be addressed in order to choose the right home care services. Here are some of the questions you should ask yourself before selecting a home care provider.

1. Are your Home Care Providers Certified?
The first thing to check for is whether your home care providers are certified by Medicare or not. A number of Medicare certified agencies also offer services which are usually not covered by Medicare. These services may include assistance with everyday activities and are often referred to as “private pay.” Make sure you are not hiring amateurs for something as serious as in-home care to waste your time and money.
2. Does your Home Care Service possess it’s own Employees or hire a contract staff?
Sometimes, home care providers are not able to discover satisfactory nursing or rehabilitation staff to meet the needs and requirements of their patients. In such a situation, these providers may require to contract with other providers or staffing agencies to utilize professional staff for part-time or full time basis. Whatever kind of staff they use, make sure they have enough credibility to successfully provide you the best of in-home care services and also cover your needs professionally.
3. Do they Document Clear and Specific Agreements?
Agreements are an important part of availing home care services. Your written agreement with the home care provider must deal with one or more of the following, if relevant:

  • The time-period for which the quoted rate is guaranteed
  • In case of any rate increases, there must be advance notices
  • Rates for holidays, night shifts or emergencies should be mentioned separately
  • Any other significant requirement

4. Safe and Secure Payment System
For your services to be covered by your Medicare insurance, you have to check whether your home care providers are Medicare certified or not. You need to inquire your home care providers whether they allow the process of “Assignment of Benefits” which allows the insurance company to pay the home care providers directly. While you are paying the agency directly, make extra efforts to completely understand all the payment terms. Information regarding the grace period from the end of the billing cycle or late fee come in handy for a smooth and swift payment process.
5. Make sure your loved one’s daily activities and health conditions are Monitored
Several in-home care providers make the home care staff responsible for keeping a daily log of activities and episodes. The home care providers at all times make notes about every individual patient’s mood, energy and appetite. You must inquire your providers, whether these logs are ever evaluated by a professional clinical staff for any future concerns.


Author Bio

Anaida Robert is a content writer for Geriatric In-Home Care, a Fresno based In-Home Care Provider. Follow @AnaidaRobert for more updates.

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