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Easy Way To Increase Bone Density

Low bone density could mean you’re at risk or already have Osteoporosis. As you get older, Osteoporosis can weigh on the mind and can be a bigger and bigger issue. It’s been proven that exercise and eating right can lead you in the right direction to keeping your bone density up and avoiding painful injuries later. There is one fun easy way to increase bone density that almost anyone can do, it’s called a Whole Body Vibration Machine and it does exactly as it says.


When we think of Vibration Machines, many of us think about the picture above, ladies in their one piece bathing suits getting shaken for a number of minutes in hopes to stay thin. Even though this ancient concept of the whole body vibration machine is the same, technology has changed dramatically as well as the knowledge of how to shed fat and increase bone density.

Where can I buy these machines?
These machines are available through fitness stores for purchase, however you can purchase time at some gyms or beauty procedure locations (some doctor offices that specialize in Botox or laser type locations).

Sites like Amazon have Whole Vibration Machines however beware, there are machines that specialize in weight loss, machines that specialize in increasing bone density and machines that focus on both. The difference is achieved by the direction the machine vibrates. This video discusses the differences between machines, we do not encourage the purchase of this particular brand, however it does show the difference and benefits between machines:

What other benefits may these machines have?

“Advocates say that as little as 15 minutes a day of whole-body vibration three times a week may aid weight loss, burn fat, improve flexibility, enhance blood flow, reduce muscle soreness after exercise, build strength and decrease the stress hormone cortisol.” -

To learn more about Osteoporosis:

-Written by Valerie Michel Buck

Technology Series: Apps That Make Your Life Better

Whether you are an expert or a novice utilizing smart devices, there are some apps that will help you in your everyday life.



I check my account daily to make sure I catch all fraud right away, check my balance, etc. Most banks have a free app you can download.

These apps are usually Free. Search your app store for your bank’s mobile app.



I love YELP! Yelp is designed to help you find restaurants, bars and more. I travel a lot and find myself in cities that I’m not familiar with but I also use this in my own state to try new things or even find favorite dishes of other people in places I have eaten at before. Most listings have web links and operating hours. You can filter by price, distance, if they are open during the filter, offering a deal, etc. I have also used yelp because companies offer a discount for checking-in and/or writing a review.

Yelp has user reviews and user pictures. With user submissions I always keep in mind that a few of those reviews may be from employees of the establishment themselves.

Yelp is a Free App.



No need for another device in your vehicle, use your phone or tablet instead of a GPS. This can make discovering your city or visiting a new city a lot easier. I love that I don’t have to put an address in the destination, I can put the name of a business and it will take me to the closet location to me. Smartphones are becoming so smart that now travel time includes traffic. This should be already downloaded onto your smart phone.

Maps are Free to use on your phone.




Love paying the high price of gas? NOT! Find gas cheaper in your area or while traveling. Gas buddy relies on user submission for the latest gas prices and they note those submissions dates so you can see if it’s been recent.

Gas Buddy is a Free App.



Calendar, shopping list, journal, recipes and more. I use cozi with my family so they can see when and where I am, If I am not answering a call because I am at an appointment. You can also include family members on reminders, which is awesome because then I am not nagging people to remember about so and so’s birthday.

Cozi is a Free App.




“HeartWise is the easiest-to-use application for quickly recording and keeping track of your blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight.” Quote from the iTunes app store. $0.99 FREE



Helps you remember to take your medications, the dosage and more.

Pillboxie is a Free App.



Forget all your loyalty cards at home! This app makes your pocketbook a whole lot lighter. I hated carrying all those around and now I don’t have to worry about it at all.

Key Ring is a Free App.



No need for a dedicated heart rate monitor to get your pulse, this free app uses your camera flash. I have tested this and it is super easy to use.

Instant Heart Rate is a Free App.



Forget your reading glasses? Use your phone instead. $1.99 FREE



Keep your brain sharp with regular use like quizzes and puzzles for every skill level.

Brain Games is a Free App.



No matter how young or old you are, you’re going to forget where you park. Parking garages seem to be the puzzle of the modern urban world. The app below is great because it also have a reminder for if you use a parking meter, so it will remind you when your time is up. I couldn’t find one for android download that was as good as the itunes one, however there are many of them that are just fine for Free. $0.99



I haven’t been late for an appointment, burned something on the stove or in the oven, and haven’t failed to wake up due to a power outage in years thanks to the alarm clock/ timer/ stopwatch feature on my smart phone. This should be already downloaded onto your smart phone.


Written by Valerie Michel Buck

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