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Holidays Are Over, Breathing Easy

dreamstime_5559076It’s all done with. The decorations are starting to come down, all the treats have been eaten and life is getting back to normal. However, the stress of the holidays can last weeks after the holidays are over. Try these relaxation tips to lower stress:

Deep Breathing Techniques

Sit with your eyes closed and breathe in and out deeply for a minimum of 10 seconds. This is easy to do anywhere and lower your stress levels.


Stretching tense areas of your body such as your neck, back, jaw, arms and legs can be quick, easy and ease stress in a matter of seconds.

Drink Tea

Tea is a great soother for your soul and can lead to lower post-stress cortisol levels and a greater feeling of relaxations. [i]


Have a favorite funny movie that you love, turn it on and laugh away. Laughter can be a great stress reducer.


Hashing it out with a punching bag or wearing yourself out on a treadmill is a great way to relieve stress but for those of us who hate exercising, even a low impact exercise can cause an endorphin rush and cut down on stress. Try even a water aerobics class, yoga or something more fun like Zumba.


Getting a massage can help alleviate physical pain but also may help on fighting stress. You can go to a professional or even simply massage yourself.


Napping can aid in stress relief.


This is a hard one for the holidays. Comes up with a game plan of how to tackle the holiday debt and come up with a plan for the following holidays. Taking a head on approach to next year’s situation can help with stress.


Hugging may actually reduce blood pressure and stress levels in adults. [i]


Pets are a great way to help alleviate stress. Spend a few minutes just sitting petting and playing with them can ease stress.


Writing can help you relieve stress, solve problems and vent without hurting anyone’s feelings.


Though this falls under exercise, taking a walk is a great way to meditate and relieve stress easily.

Eating Better

Although this is not always easy, when most stressed, try eating a healthy meal.

Being More Assertive

Dealing with issues head on and right away can assist in avoiding unnecessary stress. [ii]

Saying No

Know your limits and don’t stress yourself out trying to help everyone and trying to save the world. [ii]

Positive Thinking

Happy thoughts lead to happy people. Find the silver lining in every situation and it will instantly reduce your natural stress levels.


Many of us don’t get enough sleep. A good 8 hours of sleep is helpful, getting too much sleep or not enough sleep can cause stress.


Some of our current stresses are based on social media and technology. Unplug and disconnect from the outside world and take a few minutes or hours to focus on what is right in front of you.


Do you have music that soothes you? Listen to it.

Reach Out

Reach out to a friend who is good for you (positive person who lifts you up). Have lunch with them, sit down and talk. If you aren’t able to meet in person, call them in a place where your distractions will be few and you can enjoy your time with them as much as possible.


Life can be overwhelming and add to stress. Guess what? We all have too many things to do and not enough time to do them. Write a list of what needs to get done and by priority. Focus on one thing at a time from start to finish. By itemizing tasks, these tasks seem a lot smaller and can reduce your stress drastically.

Plan Time To Worry

This is one of my favorite tips because although it sounds daunting, it makes sense. You plan time to pay bills, go to the doctor and what not, why not plan time to worry and deal with misc things life sends your way. Schedule this once a day, once a week then once a month till you get everything sorted and need only monthly worry time. This is a great time to write your worries or vent to friends, get it out and be done with it. [iii]

Move On

It’s easy to worry about the same thing over and over. Try to only worry about something once by dealing with the issue and moving on.

Ask For Help

Something so hard for us to do but this can be so helpful for relieving stress.

Positive Talk

Talking to yourself in a positive light, can be so stress relieving. In fact, write a list of things you like about yourself and your goals, read them daily. This can help in so many ways.


Calming scents such as lavender can be relaxing. Light a candle.


A simple warm bath can ease pain, tension in muscles, give you some time alone and some peace of mind. Consider using Epsom salt for additional muscle relief.

I hope these tips helps you relieve stress from your holiday.




-Written by Valerie Michel Buck

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