God Bless the USA (Supporting Our Veterans and Their Families)

“I’m proud to be an American.” These words were first sung by Lee Greenwood and now echo throughout ‘the land of the free,’ but what does it truly mean to be proud to be an American? When we think of honor and service, our thoughts often turn to our veterans or our soldiers currently fighting for our freedoms. We honor them because they place their lives at risk each day for love of their country, but do we often think to honor their families, those who fight emotionally each day because they too love their country?

Elmer Davis said, “This nation will remain the land of the free, only so long as it is the home of the brave.” If you gathered a group of people in a room and asked them to stand if they were, by marriage or birth, a relative of someone who is currently serving or who has served in our military, the number standing would astound you. These people who proudly stand are just as brave as the soldiers they support.

At a banquet honoring our veterans, a young woman named Brianna stood up to speak about her experience growing up as a military kid. She was brought to tears as she spoke of the day her father was deployed to Iraq. He wasn’t there for her first date or her first kiss. He wasn’t there for her high school graduation or to help her choose which college to attend. It was hard for her to recall all the events in her life that her father had missed, yet she did not blame him or our government. When she spoke of her father’s service, you could see in her eyes that she was proud of him, and she was proud to be an American.

As we honor our veterans and the country they so proudly fought for, let us never forget their families. Brianna was able to be reunited with her father after his time in Iraq. Some families lose their loved ones forever. If someone close to you has not served in the military, it may be difficult to understand the struggle they go through everyday, not knowing if their loved one will still be there to wish them goodnight, but we do not have to fully understand to offer our love and support.

Wars are not a thing of our past. There are still soldiers out there fighting for us today. As we honor and support them, we can never forget the sacrifices of their families. While it may be hard to reach out to the soldiers, we can always reach out to their loved ones who are living right here in our own neighborhoods and communities.

We have our freedoms because of the sacrifice and strength of our American soldiers, and they gain their strength from the support of those they love and care for back home. As July approaches and we will soon once again be celebrating our Independence Day, let us support our soldiers and their families and show that we are proud to be Americans.

Below is a slide show video of Lee Greenwood’s God Bless the USA. Please take a moment to listen to the words of the song that remind us of the patriotic pride we should all have for our country. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWC8liHX_G8


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